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Video / Grier

GRIER, an 8 month old mix, was in for overall obedience. Not only was she a big time jumper, she was not very well behaved on walks, particularly when seeing other dogs. This “Before & After” video shows how much progress we made after just three weeks in my Board & Train program.

Video / Tigger

This “Before & After” video features TIGGER who was 6-months old when she came in for my 3-week Board & Train program. As you’ll see, we had a number of puppy behaviors to work on.

Video / Dakota

DAKOTA is a 16-week old lab who loved to jump so much we affectionately nicknamed her “Roo” (as in kangaroo). She came in for my two week Board & Train program where in addition to teaching her not to jump, we worked on loose leash walking and place. She’s still a happy little roo —…

Video / Johann

JOHANN, a 13-month old standard poodle, recently completed my TWO WEEK Board & Train program where we fixed a number of typical puppy behaviors. Take a look at his progress — he’s a rock star!!

Video / Boomer

I added a new program to my lineup — the ONE week Board & Train. It’s working great for getting puppies like Boomer off to a great start!

Video / Sasha on the Fast Track!

Sasha was an 8 week old Malamute puppy when she came to me for my 2-week Board & Train. We worked on housebreaking, crate training and socialization. We also worked on learning to love being handled and groomed since she will require frequent grooming sessions!

Video / Dayton Rocks His Training

Dayton, a 17-week old mini Australian Labradoodle, recently graduated from my two-week Board & Train program and he’s at the top of his class!

Video / Crate Aversion and Recall

After just two weeks in my Board & Train program, young Elsa, a Shiba Uno, overcomes her fear of the crate and learns to come when called.

Video / Oliver Learns Impulse Control

Oliver is a 9-month old, high-energy Golden Doodle who came to me desperately needing to work on impulse control. He spent two weeks in my home in my Board & Train program and learned how to keep those puppy impulses in check. Take a look…

Video / Wrigley

This 3-year-old pit bull mix would often snap and growl at kids, including the owners’ grandchildren. While on walks he would do the same with ANY dog he came across. See what a little obedience training did to turn Wrigley into a happy, friendly “best friend.”

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